Corporate social responsibility

The entire team of consultants is happy and proud to be active in France, Europe and around the world, and Absoluz Consulting implements a genuine Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Discover below how our employees are involved in the city and how they contribute to making the communities where they work and live a better place, to being fully "Citizens of the World".

Donations to NGOs

Absoluz Consulting donates around 1% of its sales to various non-governmental organizations in France, Europe and worldwide. Our commitment focuses in particular on actions in favor of children, their education (and schooling) and refugees

NGO Cap Espérance

Cap Espérance is a non-governmental organization based in Eastern Europe, in Latvia. Its aim is to enable children who have experienced severe family hardship to overcome it, to blossom and integrate harmoniously into society. To this end, it has opened and run an orphanage, the “Graši Children’s Village”, for some 25 years.

This “children’s village”, in the commune of Graši, deep in the Latvian forest, accommodates around thirty children in three houses and two apartments under the responsibility of 9 educators and a social worker. This organization of life makes an essential contribution to the children’s development.

In addition to compulsory schooling in local schools, Cap Espérance strives to guide each child, whatever his or her potential, towards a promising career.


NGO SOS Chrétiens d’Orient

Absoluz Consulting is particularly sensitive to the social, political, economic and diplomatic situation in the Middle East, which is why we decided to support SOS Chrétiens d’Orient.

This NGO is based in France, but operates mainly in the Middle East, in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan and Lebanon. In these countries, Christians have for years been victims (to varying degrees) of persecution threatening their very existence. Many of them are crammed into refugee camps, sometimes from birth, where they fall prey to Islamists. SOS Chrétiens d’Orient helps the most vulnerable by providing emergency relief in these camps: water, food, housing, emergency equipment, hygiene kits, heating, blankets, etc.

SOS Chrétiens d’Orient also finances mobile pharmacies and infirmaries, as well as the purchase of health equipment and medicines. In Ankawa, Iraq, the association has built and equipped a complete clinic for the “Four Towers” refugee camp.

SOS Chrétien d’Orient carries out projects that promote the Christian identity and centuries-old heritage of the Middle East, enabling people to continue living in their own land. It is also dedicated to securing or restoring churches destroyed by Islamists, such as those in Maaloula, Syria.



Diversity and inclusion: all equal

Absoluz Consulting believes that diverse personalities and skills result in a multitude of approaches and ideas that benefit Absoluz Consulting and enable it to deliver the best results for its clients, employees and their families.

Absoluz Consulting’s consultants are committed to developing an internal culture where all consultants can share their passions and ideas. In this way, the most insurmountable challenges become achievable and open up unlimited possibilities for the company.

Absoluz Consulting is proud to be a member of the French “Charte de la diversité”.


Réseau des Entreprises pour la Cité

Absoluz Consulting has chosen to join the “Réseau des Entreprises pour la Cité”. Indeed, we are firmly convinced that work is essential to mankind, and that many of today’s societal problems would disappear in the absence of work.

would disappear if young adults were better integrated into the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Skin color, religion, neighborhood of origin, individual vulnerabilities

The only things that count are skills, dynamism, personal integrity and team spirit.

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