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Absoluz Consulting can carry out an audit of your B2B sales department in any industrial or tertiary sector with a particular expertise for the aviation sector (aeronautics and aviation industry), from the start-up to the ETI.

There are many reasons why you may want to have a diagnosis of your sales organization:

  • Insufficient results (decline or stagnation of turnover or margins, loss of market share, redundant failures on calls for tender or “unattainable” markets),
  • Human problems (decrease in motivation, high turnover, tension within the sales team or between different hierarchical levels, difficulties with sales objectives or the payment of objectives),
  • Customer problems (customers who leave, or reduce their activity with you, who complain about your organization, your efficiency, your processes),
  • Company evolution (arrival or departure of new investors, new hierarchy, new colleagues or collaborators, new sites or new subsidiaries),
  • Evolution of your market (arrival of new entrants, legal or technological evolution),
  • Etc.

To improve the Enterprise’s balance sheet, it is essential to have a sharpened sales organization, equipped with functional tools.  Moreover, in a complex and changing business environment, this commercial audit becomes a recurring step in the continuous improvement process.

Absoluz Consulting helps you to carry out this commercial audit, with an external eye and a recognized commercial expertise. The “Sales Department Audit” mission consists in evaluating all the operational and functional parameters of your sales organization in order to improve the performance of its main missions, namely

  1. Prospecting (Finding new customers)
  2. Retain existing customers and optimize their order levels
  3. Supervise the production of commercial offers
  4. Carry out order reviews
  5. Manage customer satisfaction and complaints
  6. Provide his management with indicators for steering the company
  7. Establish a competitive intelligence

This audit allows us to redesign the commercial organization. The first step is to establish a diagnosis of the situation:

establish your strengths and weaknesses on your markets,
List the gaps or non-conformities between the actual organization of your sales department and its theoretical organization,
Identify opportunities for improvement.

At the end of this sales audit, ABSOLUZ CONSULTING will establish a diagnosis with recommendations and an action and optimization plan to be implemented, in terms of working methods (process) as well as individuals or means (equipment, marketing support).

You will then be able to choose a few areas of improvement, in the short, medium and long term, which will help you get your sales force back on track.

This mission, which lasts from a few hours to a few days (depending on the size of the sales department), allows you to obtain a complete diagnosis of your sales situation and to have quantified recommendations for optimizing your sales organization.

At the end of this audit of your sales organization, Absoluz Consulting can continue its assistance with a sales strategy consulting mission in order to help the manager increase his turnover and his results.

Absoluz Consulting can also intervene on the operational part of the company’s commercial action by providing it with trained, experienced and supervised B2B sales representatives on an external service basis (contract work or fixed price).


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