Two years old, happy birthday Absoluz Consulting!

Absoluz Consulting was born on July 4th 2018. For such great anniversary,CEO Olivier Le Brun presents the missions of his team of B2B expert Sales representatives.

A special thanks to our first clients who trusted us from France, Europe, Russia, and North America (USA / Canada): Engineering Profil, Les Charettes de Lily, Akor Consulting, Artoche api, Eden Consulting, Hameur Vlassenko Corporation, Hellodevis and Hellopro, Ley Valy api, Plexlabs api, Testing Studio, UpscaleStories , A&F Developpement, Kalypso Concept, Altea Energy, Nextep,, Velite, Welbees FRMS, Kapsul Korp IT, TrustedIn api.

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