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Your company may need, for a few weeks or a few months, a Purchasing and Supply Manager. There are many reasons for this: an exceptional project to be managed in addition to the usual workload, an absent Purchasing Director (sick leave, maternity leave, departure from the company, etc.), a company takeover, and many other reasons.

Within a few days, an Absoluz Consulting Purchasing consultant, with solid professional experience, takes over and assists you in these functions. Quickly operational, he/she perfectly fulfils the role of the Purchasing and Supply Manager and fits in with ease in your company, your teams, your organization.

This frees you from a worry and allows you to devote yourself more serenely to your other functions and problems.

When the transition is over, the Absoluz Consulting Purchasing Consultant ensures a smooth handover to his or her successor in the position.

Interim management is a source of serenity for you and your organization.


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