Purchasing outsourcing


Consolidate purchasing management with a single prime contractor


Sort and limit the number of suppliers by optimizing orders


Negotiate pricing conditions, order costs, delivery costs, etc.


Finding the right suppliers

Risk management

Anticipate possible delays in payment, delivery or non-compliant products


Limiting the creation of ordering processes, especially for large groups

how does it work?

Our purchasing managers follow a rigorous process to guarantee quality and assurance when making purchases on behalf of your company. In addition to straightforward negotiation, the purchasing manager’s role is to monitor technology, the competition and the sector in order to identify the various levers for improvement within your company.

Il assure également les visites des fournisseur audite leurs comptes, leurs sites de production, leurs services. Il est force de proposition pour améliorer l’efficacité de la relation entre l’entreprise et ses fournisseurs : élaboration et suivi de plans d’actions, conception et optimisation des process, évaluation de la performance à intervalles réguliers font partie de ses missions d’acheteur.

01- Définir le besoin

Definition of the products and services you need, quantities, costs, quality, deadlines, guarantees

02- Specifications

Creation of specifications by the purchasing sourcing manager, taking into account the expected qualities, tolerances, processes, certifications, etc.

03- Testing the supplier

The sourcing manager is responsible for testing in various forms, including samples, prototypes, pre-series and small-scale trials.

04- Supplier validation

We make sure that all the parameters of the customer-supplier relationship are known, validated and under control, so that nothing can disrupt the smooth delivery of orders.

05- Monitoring the service

We ensure that the service runs smoothly from import to reception

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