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Thirty years after the first presentations of a prototype in 1991, SyberJet Aircraft proposes a new revolutionary aircraft: the SyberJet SJ30.  This 6-seater jet from the Light Jet family is much lighter than other high-end jets. Rather small and with good aerodynamics, it is handy and fast. It is equipped with two Williams International JJ44-2A engines that allow it to travel up to 2,500 nautical miles at an average speed of 850 km/h, with a fuel consumption reduction of 25% compared to alternative jets.  A New York – Los Angeles or a North Atlantic crossing become easy thanks to its capabilities.

The interior of the aircraft was designed to be comfortable and space-free. The most luxurious materials have been used to achieve a pleasant interior that takes back the appearance and sensations of a sports car. In addition, to optimize the concentration of pilots, the cockpit has been improved to maximize the space of pilots and to reduce at best the visual congestion. 

The SyberJet SJ30 can reach 41,000 feet with a pressure similar to that of sea level. Up to 49,000 feet, it can pass over any traffic, weather conditions, and more direct routes to its destination. 

Certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the SyberJet SJ30 has also pushed its safety standards, improved its aviation design while reducing pilots’ workload. 

This new technology gem is priced between $8.3 and $8.5 million at the catalogue price. It is produced in Utah, Cedar City. The company does not disclose its sales.