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On the ruins of the former Airbus E-FAN, a dynamic team based in Paris is setting up a vertical take-off and landing VTOL aircraft.

Their “Airtaxi”, called ATEA, promises us quiet travel, low pollution and take-off and landings from downtown skyports.

Objective: They target to have a flying plane of 3 or 4 seats in 2023. It shall be able to carry its passengers at 125 mph and up to a 100 miles or so. In the longer term, the aircraft could fligh like a drone, without pilote, but it all depend on the clients (Are they ready for that ? Not sure.)

Ascendance Flight Technologies is a proud Member of the “French Tech” and the Solar Impulse Foundation. The project is carried by a well-calibrated team and a talented scientific committee.

At ABSOLUZ CONSULTING, we have appreciated their concept, their seriousness and their modesty.

A story to follow.

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