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When you’re launching a start-up or planning a new business, it’s important to have a clear vision of the sales strategy you’re going to implement. On the other hand, not everyone is an expert in sales organization, and it can be a good idea to get help, even on a one-off basis, to define your sales organization.

Absoluz Consulting offers B2B start-ups and existing start-up managers a one-day coaching package to review their sales strategy and sales organization.

Details of the meeting day


The morning will be dedicated to an exchange between the company's management or the project's initiators. During this oral, face-to-face exchange, the Absoluz Consulting consultant will review all the commercial aspects of your project or company, highlighting your assets and strengths, as well as your weaknesses or the dangers that threaten you.

Market definition

Time will be spent on defining your markets, your customers and future customers,  the sales channels envisaged. Your entire sales organization, or its project, will be analyzed, as well as the marketing tools implemented to support your sales action (including e-commerce and SEO / SEM).

Protect your project

The protection of your project, as well as your personal interests (patrimonial and fiscal aspects) will be examined, along with your financing needs. At the end of the morning's work, a shared lunch will allow us to continue the exchange in a more relaxed atmosphere. The afternoon will be devoted to the drafting of the commercial audit report by the Absoluz Consulting consultant, before handing it over.

And the future?

This one-day discussion and sales audit report will help you to clarify your B2B sales strategy and identify the actions you need to take to ensure your start-up or company has an optimal sales organization.

I would like an audit

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