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Rely on the expertise of Absoluz Consulting’s commercial consultants to prospect and develop the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.

This world market is highly strategic and the stakes are colossal, in terms of financial means as well as in terms of diplomacy and manpower. From the operator who digs oil wells to the green electricity broker who negotiates kilowatt-hours, Absoluz Consulting puts its know-how and its network at your disposal.

You will accelerate the deployment of your products and services on the European market, after the commercial targets you have set.

  • Oil and gas exploration and drilling
  • Oil and gas development
  • Oil and gas transportation
  • Processing and chemicals
  • Trading
  • Implementation of wind or solar farms
  • Green electricity
  • Nuclear power
  • Distributors
  • Brokers
  • Regulators and control authorities
  • Equipment and material suppliers
  • Consultants and personnel suppliers
  • General Services
  • Aviation and air transport dedicated to the Oil & Gas sector


All these players can be your clients and Absoluz Consulting can become your sales arm to increase your market share or to establish yourself in this sector. You can ask Absoluz Consulting to carry out your prospection as well as the recruitment, training or management of your sales force.

Absoluz Consulting consultants also provide support for the company’s management in its overall strategic thinking or in translating your decisions into commercial and tactical terms.

Some examples :

ALTEA ENERGY (Consultants and technical assistance for Oil&Gas and Renewable projects) entrusted ABSOLUZ CONSULTING with a prospecting process towards major European target accounts in 2020.

Estimated duration: 2 years.

Required staff : 1 sales consultant

Mission : in progress

Area: Europe

NEXTEP (digital solution for managing electricity consumption peaks for energy-intensive companies, now a subsidiary of ENERLIS) has entrusted ABSOLUZ CONSULTING with a commercial development mission towards a French market target in 2019.

Duration: 6 months.

Required staff : 2 consultants

Mission : completed

Zone : France


Absoluz Consulting’s “Purchasing & Sourcing” consultants bring you their expertise to negotiate your purchases of materials and services in the best possible way and to optimize your supplies and the selection of your subcontractors.

Structured, well managed and skilfully negotiated, your supplies and your purchases of products and services allow you to increase your margins, to differentiate yourself from your competitors, to minimize your “supply” risks and to perpetuate your activity.

As a strategic activity, your “Purchasing – Sourcing” activity deserves to be handled by Absoluz Consulting consultants, senior experts in their field.


For a long time, the energy sector has been strongly impacted by governmental and international decisions. Elected officials and national or European decision-makers are subject to very strong influences from a wide variety of pressure groups, each pursuing their own objectives.

In order not to leave the field open to stakeholders who pursue other goals than yours, Absoluz Consulting also offers a quality lobbying service, concerned with expertise and honesty in the presentation of its subjects. Ethical, professional and discreet, Absoluz Consulting’s lobbying is carried out at the level of national elected officials (mainly the National Assembly and the Senate in France) and at the European level (European Commission and European Parliament).

This lobbying service is aimed at companies, business groups, sectoral and professional unions, associations and local and territorial authorities.


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