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Absoluz Consulting’s buyers follow a methodology and rigorous processes that guarantee their efficiency. This also allows you to follow their work closely. This is both a guarantee of quality and the assurance that the purchasing and sourcing procedures undertaken on behalf of your company are under control.

In schematic form, the stages of the collaboration between Absoluz Consulting’s buyers-sourcers and your company will follow the following steps:

Step 1 – Define the need.

What product or service do you need? In what quantities, at what pace and according to what schedule.

Where do your priorities lie? It could be: cost, volume, quality, experience, deadlines, follow-up or guarantees, or other parameters. Our buyers listen to you first. This initial work allows us to avoid drifts or misunderstandings, which are sources of wasted time and energy and are costly.

Absoluz Consulting’s sourcing buyers bring you all their experience in this upstream phase of sourcing and know how to advise you to make the most relevant choices.

Step 2: Your specifications

Your external sourcing manager will define a perfectly defined set of specifications. For example, in industrial matters: materials, expected qualities, tolerances, processes, tests, certifications, etc.

Step 3: Test the supplier

The sourcing manager will test your supplier. Depending on the product or service provided, this test can take a variety of forms: sample, prototype, pre-series, trial of a service on a small scale or for a limited period. The objective of this step is to verify the supplier’s promise in conditions as close as possible to real-life conditions.

Step 4: Supplier validation

The purchasing-sourcing manager will ensure that all the parameters of the customer-supplier relationship are known, validated, and under control so that from the order to the delivery of the good or service, there is nothing that can disrupt the work to be provided.

Step 5: Follow-up of the supplier service

Your sourcing manager remains responsible for the smooth running of the service until the end. He/she ensures that everything is under control. This goes from the import to the reception of the goods or the complete realization of the services acquired from the supplier.

Entrusting your purchases to Absoluz Consulting means ensuring that you have a well-managed and well-organized Purchasing – Sourcing Department, with a rigorous work methodology and processes, and that you have reporting and monitoring tools adapted to your needs.


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