Expanding in the European aeronautics sector with Absoluz Consulting


Europe boasts a comprehensive, dynamic and fast-growing aeronautics sector. Joining it means strong commercial growth for a company, provided it knows how to seize the opportunities that arise, knock on the right doors, establish the right networks, and adapt vigorously to rapidly changing aviation needs.

The countries

Alongside the world's leading equipment manufacturers, there are thousands of other companies, each bringing its own expertise to the aeronautics sector. What's more, many North American, Brazilian, Japanese, Israeli and Korean groups have expanded into Europe, and it's impossible to ignore them if you want to boost your business development in Europe.

force de vente aéronautique

The domains

The European aeronautics sector is made up of engine manufacturers, aerostructuralists and equipment suppliers, as well as logistics and trading companies, and a whole host of small and medium-sized businesses, including dynamic start-ups, that innovate and offer new products and services every day.

Sales force

This multiplicity of activities and aeronautical companies in Europe is a source of business opportunities. It is also a source of difficulties. Sales development must be carried out rigorously by a dedicated, experienced sales force.

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