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The start-up of the week is the “Autonomous Airport Trolleys” OROK.OROK tarmac robots aviation services

Pitch: Airport tarmacs are dangerous places. (Too) many incidents on staff or equipements happen there.

Juste for an exemple, according to OROK, French airlines estimate the cost of these incidents in France at up to fifteen million USD per year.

Therefore, OROK proposes to lower this “tax tarmac” by running autonomous vehicles to transport luggages or cargo containers from the bunkers of the aircrafts to the airport buildings.

Each trolley is autonomous, It is therefore no longer necessary to wait until four or five trolleys are loaded to roll. In the case of OROK trolleys, as soon as a unit is complete, the track staff can have it rolls  where it needs to go.

OROK is a smart and promising project supported by X ENTREPRENEURSHIP and ONET AIRPORT SERVICES.

For more information, write to OROK (contact@orok.aero) or ABSOLUZ CONSUTING (contact@absoluzconsulting.com)