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Airbus helicopter is working on a new high speed helicopter project, called “RACER”.

In 2011 was revealed the X3, an experimental high-speed compound helicopter which achieved the high speed of 255 knots in level flight on 7 June 2013 (65% faster than a classic helicopter).

Then, in June 2017, at the Paris Air Show, Airbus Helicopter (ex – Eurocopter), presented the next generation demonstrator, called “RACER”.

Everybody notices its box-wing which increase its lift during cruising flights and its two lateral pusher propellers.

The program is progressing with the selection, a few weeks ago, of the first subcontractors :

  • GE has obtained the lateral gear boxes housings (Avio Aero / Italy)
  • and the wing’s titanium cradle (GE Aviation System / United Kingdom) ;
  • in Romania, Romaero will manufacture the side panel (composite made) ;
  • in Spain, Aeronova will produce tje tail’s structure ;
  • Safran, in France, was granted the engine (“Aneto” helicopter engine family)

Airbus Helicopter plans to make it fly in 2020.