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The offer of defense sales development proposed by Absoluz Consulting is adapted to penetrate the European defense industry.

The European defense industry is a mature and stable market dominated by a handful of key players and the market is carried by government and public agencies orders. Innovation and operational readiness are some of the most important factors of success: the evolution of threats lead the defense and security forces to constantly adapt their equipment and their methods of operation.

On land or at sea, in the sky or in communication networks, the needs of the defense sector are numerous and varied. The armed and security forces (military, police, customs, intelligence) must be able to rely on their equipment and the services to which they subscribe.

In addition, maintenance and readiness services as well as cost control are major issues that must be answered to access to this economic market.

New threats call for new answers: the defense market in Europe is open to innovative companies and may represent high potential business opportunities. In addition, such companies must be ready for due diligence process and anti-corruption and bribery stringent procedures.

To penetrate this market, your “Commercial Defense Force” must be adapted. This is the offer of Absoluz Consulting.

You can benefit from an external sales force, flexible, which knows this market and offers you the efficiency, the network knowledge, and the commercial skills suitable to answer the calls for tenders and specific demands of the key players, private companies or federal or national  public agencies in charge od the defense systems.

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