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The sales representative / subcontracted business development sales force offered by Absoluz Consulting is the most relevant solution for a company looking to develop in the European aeronautics sector.

Europe has a complete, dynamic and rapidly growing aeronautical sector. Integrating it means strong business growth for a company, as long as it knows how to seize opportunities, knock on the right doors, build good networks, and adapt vigorously to rapid changes in air requirements.

The European aerospace sector is at the same time engine manufacturers, aerostructurers, equipment manufacturers but also logistics or trading companies and a whole anthology of small or medium-sized companies, even dynamic start-ups, which innovate and offer new services and products every day.

Alongside world-renowned OEM manufacturers are thousands of companies that each bring their know-how to the aerospace sector.

In addition, many North American, Brazilian, Japanese, Israeli and Korean groups have developed in Europe and it is not possible to ignore them for those who want to boost their commercial development in Europe.

This multiplicity of activities and aeronautical companies in Europe is a source of commercial opportunities. It also makes it difficult. Sales development must be carried out with rigor by a dedicated and experienced sales force.

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