What is an outsourced sales force?

For a company, an outsourced sales force means using salespeople who are not part of its internal staff.

It’s a strategy that needs to be properly evaluated according to the company’s objectives, internal structure and organization. This type of solution enables a company to effectively increase sales and penetrate new markets without the risk of making long-term commitments when recruiting employees.

Advantages of an outsourced sales force

Why choose Absoluz Consulting

Absoluz Consulting’s sales people know their market sector and geographical area in Europe better than anyone else. They know the language, the way of life, the rules of politeness and the cultural habits needed to conduct a sales process and win commercial negotiations.

Europe is not (yet) a single market, but a united group of national markets. Some markets are pan-European (e.g. the aviation sector), but others are still very national, such as catering.

The European Union and the single currency, the euro, have enabled many of these European countries to make progress towards the creation of a single market, but this is not yet complete, and some large European countries are excluded. For example, Russia, Switzerland and Norway. The United Kingdom has begun the difficult process of leaving the European Union.

These differences can be difficult for a non-European sales force to grasp. It is precisely to overcome this difficulty that Absoluz Consulting’s sales representatives offer their services and provide you with an expert sales force in these markets. What’s more, they are available to your customers during European business hours.

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