Absoluz Consulting's "Defense Sales Force" offer is perfectly suited to penetrating the European defense industry market.

The European defense industry is a mature, stable market. There are relatively few players, and the market is driven by public procurement. Innovation, however, is constant: evolving threats force defense and security forces to constantly adapt their equipment and operating methods.

On land or at sea, in the sky or in communication networks, the needs of the defense sector are multiple and multiform. Armed and security forces (military, gendarmerie, police, customs) must be able to rely on their equipment and the services to which they subscribe.

In addition, maintenance in operational condition (MCO) and budgetary control are major challenges that must be met to gain access to this economic market.

force commerciale défense
force commerciale défense

Because new threats call for new ways of responding to them, and because public procurement has its own specific requirements, the European defense market is a highly specific market with great potential for innovative companies. To penetrate this market, your "Defense sales force" needs to be adapted. This is what Absoluz Consulting offers.

You can benefit from an external, flexible sales force that knows this market and offers you the efficiency, networks and sales techniques needed to respond to the calls for tender and demanding specifications of the main governmental and para-governmental defense contractors and operators.

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