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Consulting commercial b2b

Absoluz Consulting is also present in other economic sectors. Its outsourced sales force can assist companies in their B2B growth in France and throughout Europe.

Absoluz Consulting consultants have acquired references, experience and numerous B2B contacts in the following sectors

Medical / Health sector: development of telemedicine, digital medical secretarial services, online marketing dedicated to the medical and health professions (websites, social networks, Google referencing, etc.)

Communication / Advertising: digital or print production and post-production, video, image or photo

Business Services sector: external services, digital tools and work, communication, recruitment or marketing support, outsourced intellectual services (consultants and IT developers)

Energy sector: services and tools for the management and optimization of energy consumption, management of energy saving certificates (ATEE)

“For several months, Absoluz consulting has been a precious partner for the commercial development of UpscaleStories. They listen to us and are available, they offer us a real sales force and also support us in our business development strategy. “

Benoit Morand

Founder,, UpscaleStories (film production and postproduction, motion design, image retouching, prepress)


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