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Your project, whatever its stage of preparation or development, needs to be supported by a solid commercial reflection in order to meet its customers and success.

Absoluz consulting brings you its advice in commercial strategy and its expertise in commercial organization, in order to go from the project idea to a full order book.

First of all, it is necessary to take a step back and define or redefine a long-term corporate vision, in which this new project (service or product) will be included for the next five or ten years.

Then, Absoluz Consulting will work with you to define precise, quantified objectives for this new product or service. What exactly do you want to sell, and to whom?

The next step will be to establish a diagnosis of this product or service. Is it an evolution of an existing product or service? Where does it stand in relation to the company’s business, or in relation to its reputation, its recognized know-how? Absoluz Consulting helps you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a project, in order to be able to determine its assets on its future market. The legal, technological and competitive environments are not neglected.

This inventory will allow us to build a commercial strategy, based on a business plan and a projected income statement. This includes the choice of a positioning with targeted customers (characterization of the market), a relevant pricing, and even commercial discount or loyalty strategies.

Then comes the time to plan your project in order to establish the major stages of its implementation, the deployment of a “Proof of Concept” (POC), its marketing, as well as the deadlines for analysis and possible reorientation according to the results obtained.

The choice of commercial channels is also a major point of your project. Direct or indirect sales, with employees or an external sales force, franchising or not, e-commerce or physical sales outlets (or both)? Around these choices of channels will be grafted other complementary considerations specific to each channel (for example, e-reputation and certified customer reviews in e-commerce).

From these choices, it will then be possible to establish the list of marketing tools to use to sell your products or services.

Absoluz Consulting also assists you in the establishment of performance measurement tools and the implementation of a competitive and sectorial watch. Absoluz Consulting’s preferred sectors are: aeronautics, aviation, airport infrastructure and services, catering and on-board services, pilot and crew training (flight school), telecoms, energy, automotive, naval and railway industries, events, security and defense.

Finally, your project may require financing. With the strength of the analysis and the established business plan, you will be able to seek external financing. Various criteria must be taken into account to guide your search for financing (amount of the “round table”, profitability of your company, strategy of the shareholders in place, remuneration of risk-taking, support of the project by subsidies, institutional financing – the BPI, for example – the existence of pre-customers for your project, etc.).

When this “upstream” phase of the project is over, the operational phase comes, for which you can once again call on the expertise of Absoluz Consulting.

Absoluz Consulting helps you to calibrate, train, coach and motivate your sales force. Absoluz Consulting can also take charge of the entire sales action as an external service (total or partial subcontracting of the sales team and the sales management).
It is also necessary to make the operational teams aware of the company’s commercial promise.

In short, Absoluz Consulting can support the manager in the upstream phase of his project (initial audit, assistance with vision, diagnosis, strategy, positioning, financing) as well as in its operational phase, by implementing a trained, supervised and motivated sales force (internal or subcontracted).

Your objective: to optimize the commercial implementation of your project.

Absoluz Consulting’s assets: know-how, experience (B2B, B2C, e-commerce, VSEs, SMEs, ETIs, Mid-Cap, Large companies), distance / outside view, methodology.


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