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Two years old, happy birthday Absoluz Consulting!

Absoluz Consulting was born on July 4th 2018. For such great anniversary,CEO Olivier Le Brun presents the missions of his team of B2B expert Sales representatives.

A special thanks to our first clients who trusted us from France, Europe, Russia, and North America (USA / Canada): Engineering Profil, Les Charettes de Lily, Akor Consulting, Artoche api, Eden Consulting, Hameur Vlassenko Corporation, Hellodevis and Hellopro, Ley Valy api, Plexlabs api, Testing Studio, UpscaleStories , A&F Developpement, Kalypso Concept, Altea Energy, Nextep, UrgenceDocteurs.com, Velite, Welbees FRMS, Kapsul Korp IT, TrustedIn api.

PIA A320 Crash analysis: risk fatigue management and cultural bias

Here is a short but interesting video (in French) that analyzes the reasons for the unfortunate crash of a PIA Airbus A320 in Karachi, Pakistan last May.

Without anticipating the official conclusions of the French equivalent of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB, BEA Bureau Enquete Accident, in French), the analyst points to the fatigue factors (FRMS) linked to the Ramadan fast and the cultural factores and bias (the seniority of the captain) as probable causes of the fatal accident .


DAHER purchases KODIAK aircrafts

The aircraft manufacturer and OEM supplier DAHER has bought at the end of 2019 a small American aircraft manufacturer, QUEST AIRCRAFT, which produces the KODIAK.Aircraft Daher Kodiak

KODIAK aircraft is a small single engine turboprop designed to be rustic, safe and modern at once.

Developed in the early 2000s (unlike many turbopros whose design dates back several decades), it has the advantage of being able to carry up to 10 passengers and to be STOL, that is to say to be able land and take off over very short distances (STOL = Short take-off and landing). It can even land on unprepared landing fields.

It can be used in cargo mode or passenger mode. It can be operated as seaplane.

It is not pressurized, but it can be air-conditioned (which must make it considerably heavier with this option).

It benefits from a reliable engine with a PT6A-34 engine from Pratt & Whitney (Canada) and for which there are maintenance centers all over the world (There are more than 50 thousand PT6 in service in the world.)

Three hundred units of the KODIAK are presently in service, mainly in the United States (just like the TBM). It is produced a few hours away from Seattle, which doubtless allows DAHER KODIAK to benefit from the local Boeing ecosystem (subcontractors, services, employment, etc.).

No doubt that with the takeover by Daher, the KODIAK will go upmarket, in terms of reliability as well as options or services. Prices are likely to follow the same upward slope.

With this acquisition, DAHER is also acquiring an american production and maintenance site. So far, TBMs are made in France, in Tarbes (Hautes Pyrénées). This also could change within the coming years.

Merry Christmas to all

The Absoluz Consulting team wishes you, your colleagues, your friends and families a fantastic Christmas time.

Merry Christmas

This great drawing was made for Absoluz Consulting by Macha from www.macha.me.

Autoland safety device on Piper M600 SLS

Piper has presented its newest version of its aircraft PIPER M600, the M600 SLS. Its main new feature is to be able to land alone with the Garmin “Autolanding” device (Garmin Suite G3000).

Here is the presentation video:

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