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Absoluz Consulting can carry out intense B2B commercial prospecting campaigns for its clients in the aeronautics and aviation industry, defense and security, telecom, energy, communication or even in the medical sector.

Commercial prospecting by direct telephone calls remains a very effective commercial technique to rapidly increase the notoriety and sales of Absoluz Consulting’s clients.

During these tele-prospecting days, the sales teams devote their time and energy to calling numerous decision-makers from companies in these industrial sectors to promote and seek new business opportunities for clients.

Prospecting allows the company, its products or services, and its innovations to be made known, and allows prospects to be collected fairly quickly. These prospects will be classified into “cold” prospects, “lukewarm” or long-term prospects, and “hot” prospects, i.e. those who indicate that they may be interested in the short term in the offer presented.

The objective of prospecting is to initiate and then cultivate a pre-sales commercial relationship, in order to make it possible, in the long term, to obtain contracts.

Prospecting cannot be a one-off operation and Absoluz Consulting carries out prospecting actions for its clients that continue over time. It is not uncommon, in fact, to receive requests for quotations several months or even several years after a commercial contact.

Absoluz Consulting’s clients benefit from its in-depth knowledge of the markets.

For the aviation – aeronautics – aerospace sector, Absoluz Consulting offers its commercial expertise in France, but also in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East (the so-called “EMEA” zone). The CRM database used contains a large number of contacts, decision makers and European companies in these industries. This ranges from airlines to aeronautical maintenance companies (MRO), including aircraft and aeronautical manufacturers, large and small equipment manufacturers, airport and air traffic managers, as well as countless aviation and aeronautical services companies.

Absoluz Consulting also has extensive and regularly updated databases for the energy, construction, communication (advertising, video and image production and post-production) and IT sectors.

These telephone prospecting campaigns bring Absoluz Consulting’s clients many competitive advantages. They bring them new business, therefore turnover and market share, valuable direct feedback from the market’s major decision-makers, new contacts and new companies with which to develop commercial relationships.

Telephone prospecting also allows them to discover new market entrants, to collect valuable competitive intelligence on competitors’ solutions, their pricing policies or their commercial approaches and innovations.


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