Understanding B2B sales prospecting

Multi-channel B2B sales prospecting is a marketing and sales strategy involving the use of different communication channels to reach potential customers called prospects. It is one of the first steps in the sales process. It is essential to your company’s survival, and enables you to conquer and position market share.

Multi-channel sales prospecting includes email, telephone, social networks and trade shows. Its implementation requires careful planning, a good understanding of the target audience, and the implementation and use of appropriate tools to coordinate the different channels.

Multi-channel canvassing enables you to promote your company, its products and services, and its innovations, and to collect prospects fairly quickly, who can then be classified into “cold” prospects, “lukewarm” or “long-term” prospects, and “hot” prospects, i.e. those who indicate that they may be interested in the offer presented in the near future. It also enables us to discover new market entrants, and gather valuable competitive intelligence on competitors’ solutions, pricing policies, sales approaches and innovations.

The advantages of multi-channel prospecting

Why choose Absoluz Consulting?

Continuous prospecting over time

Prospecting is not a one-off operation. Absoluz Consulting carries out continuous prospecting over time. It is not uncommon to receive requests for quotations several months or even years after a sales contact.

Absoluz Consulting’s clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of their markets.

Dedicated team

One or more sales representatives are dedicated to a project, depending on its progress and size.

On behalf of our customers, we run intense campaigns on various channels over several days with corporate decision-makers to promote and seek out new business opportunities for customers.

Market knowledge

Absoluz Consulting offers sales expertise for our business sectors, not only in France, but also in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East (the so-called “EMEA” zone). Our CRM database contains a large number of contacts, decision-makers and European companies in these industries.

These range from airlines to aircraft maintenance companies (MRO), as well as aircraft and aircraft manufacturers, equipment manufacturers large and small, airport and air traffic managers, and countless aviation and aeronautical service companies.


Absoluz Consulting also has extensive and regularly updated databases for the energy, construction, communications (advertising, video and image production and post-production) and IT sectors.

These telephone prospecting campaigns bring Absoluz Consulting customers numerous competitive advantages, new business and therefore sales and market share, valuable direct feedback from key market decision-makers, new contacts and new companies with which to develop business relationships.

A few figures on multi-channel prospecting

of buyers prefer to be contacted by e-mail
of prospects call during the signature process
of prospects are found on LinkedIn
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